Light Pollution-Free Lighting Sign


  • Electrons in the fluorescent layer are accelerated
  • by applying an alternating voltage to the light emitting layer of the powder.
  • high energy electrons
  • 2021-12-21The phenomenon of light emission by this

Inorganic·organic el luminescence phenomenon

Commercialization of home appliances Sign commercialization

  • It is a device using the phenomenon of light emission due to the mutual collision of electronic devices.
  • Ultra-slim as a next-generation light source that emits light evenly across the entire light emitting surface
Lighting production
Produces slim and flexible film type lighting without glare.
  1. Eco-friendly material 0.3mm thick film form
  2. Securing the best power stage stability
  3. Optimal frequency DC inverter production
Application commercialization
  1. Differentiation from existing products.
  2. Optimized light pollution-free Sign production
  3. Completion of commercialization
KPIS series model development

K-Lumix Public Information Sign Sysyem

Nara Marketplace Mas system registration