Light Pollution-Free Lighting Sign


Division K-Lumix lighting Other lighting
Wavelength luxurious
short wave
Medium · long wavelength
Diffuser plate none (lightness) have (heaviness)
Uniformity 99.5% black hole part
Illuminant Surface light source (film type) Point light source (bulb type)
Heat generation none (Can be attached to glass) very much (Factors that shorten lifespan)
Machinability very good (Excellent curved surface processing) Design constraints, difficulties in surface processing
Visibility very good (clarity) From a distance, it looks spread out.
Light pollution none existent
waterproof and dustproof 100% block Partial blockage, static electricityblockage
Lighting features징 clarity (Luminance application) bright (Illumination application)

Comparison case with other lighting

K-Lumix lighting

No glare or fatigue caused by lighting

Other lighting

There is some glare. Blurred and blurry