Light Pollution-Free Lighting Sign


  • Free implementation of luminous colors

    1. Colour Customizing
    2. Basic light Color implementation using Phosphor
    3. Raw material compounding technology
  • Optimization of durability of luminescent materials

    1. Development of groundbreaking technology in processing
    2. Conversion of hydrophilic substances to benzyl type
    3. Extend lifespan, maintain best luminance
  • Optimization technology for indoor and outdoor use

    1. Raw Material Coating Capsulrizing
    2. Possible to produce products for outdoor use
    3. Patent application of unique waterproof technology
  • Success in localization of key materials

    1. Localization of core materials Owning alternative materials
    2. Transparent electrode, silver, carbon, binder, electrode localization
    3. Reduction of cost of raw materials Securing price competitiveness
  • Overcoming the limitations of circuit construction technology

    1. Overcoming production size limitations
    2. Production of large-scale products and securing stability
    3. Lowest power stage configuration Minimize power consumption
  • Securing the diversity of manufacturing materials

    1. Diversification of graft materials – Clothing, PC, Glass, etc.
    2. For digital devices Able to manufacture ultra-small products
    3. 5 types of manufacturing method patents acquired

Securing manufacturing standard DATA value