Item discription

Light Pollution-Free Lighting Sign

street lamp lapping

  • Easy to attach to circular structures other than street lights
  • Adhesion prevention treatment on the surface
  • Excellent waterproof, dustproof and insect repellent function
  • Excellent UV printing discoloration prevention
  • Useful for promoting local specialization
  • Useful for promoting local festivals
  • Useful for promoting local tourist attractions
  • Useful for promoting famous streets in the photo zone
  • Useful for promoting seasonal festivals
  • Useful for forest fire prevention guidance
  • Useful for promoting local safety
  • Useful for urban regeneration projects
  • Schools, educational facilities, parks, hiking trails, etc.
Design production consultation

Specifications such as design and purpose of use are very important in the production of products.
In order to receive a satisfactory product, you need to consult enough during the consultation.